About Us

Our Story

Tainos L.A. is a Puerto Rican Ghost Kitchen that only offers delivery and take out services at the moment.  Ten years ago, Odessa and Nick moved to California to start a new life in the San Fernando Valley and the area lacked options for Puerto Rican Restaurants.  When Odessa and her husband arrived to California they have enjoyed various delicious cuisines from several different cultures in the area, sadly no Puerto Rican food.  At their residence,  they have hosted many get togethers, cooking for friends and business associates.  Some guest have never tried Puerto Rican Cuisine and were absolutely impressed by the flavors, some, compared our culture to theirs.  Additionally, Odessa was not aware that some people in the San Fernando Valley have never tried Puerto Rican Cuisine.  Together they decided to change that outcome by opening Tainos Los Angeles alongside chef Edwin Torres, Odessa’s uncle, who carriers 25 years  of chef experience in Puerto Rico.   Chef Edwin also taught classes in the schools of culinary arts in Puerto Rico.    Chef Edwin brings all the experience and knowledge in the kitchen, he truly is the star of Tainos L.A.  The team at Tainos L.A. digs into Puerto Rico’s history and brings back recipes long forgotten from time to time.  Tainos L.A. was opened to share and connect,  to represent what Puerto Rican food taste like to the residents of Los Angeles that have not yet to try.  For those who are familiar with Puerto Rican Cuisine, Tainos L.A. strives to keep providing you with those familiar cravings, good vibes and most importantly GOOD FOOD!  Tainos were the Indigenous People, the Natives of Puerto Rico, Tainos L.A. represents the Authentic Cuisine of Puerto Rico and Essence it posses.  Let Tainos L.A. fill up your home with happiness as you eat and enjoy company, or just eat and enjoy.  Buen Provecho!